Witch Bottle Charms

A witch bottle is a bottle that has been filled with herbs, resins, flowers and other magical ingredients. It’s a spell or charm in a glass bottle.

These small witch’s bottles are ideal to wear on your person, such as on charm bracelets. Each glass witch bottle contains ingredients which, when put together, have a magic intention. As you carry the witch bottle charm around with you, the spell in the bottle attracts its purpose to you.  For example, if you want protection then wearing one of our protection charms will help to keep you safe and sound.

Each witch’s bottle is made with our complete focus and attention.  The bottles are not mass produced (We fill them with the help of tweezers!), and you’ll find each one is unique, as you would expect when using botanicals made by mother nature.

The ingredients have come from our witchy cupboard, and although not grown by us, we love them as if we grew them ourselves. They are the same herbs we use for our own spells, charms, amulets and powders. We wouldn’t give you anything we wouldn’t personally use.

Each glass bottle is approximately 2cm/1inch tall and has a metal cap. We have glued the cap in place so please do not try to twist it or pull it off – it will probably break the bottle and we’d hate to see you with broken glass in your hands.

Latest Witch Bottle Charms

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