Hand Blended Magick and Spiritual Oils

Hand-blended, witch made oilsWe use natural ingredients and wherever possible incorporate actual herbs, spices and resins into the process rather than use just essential oils. Plants have been used for centuries for their healing properties, and their magickal and witchcraft associations. In societies where shamanism is still practiced, the shaman communicates with the spirit of the plant and knows how to use it to its full potential. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of herbs and botanicals in spells or witchcraft. Folk magick, such as hoodoo, relies heavily on the power of botanicals.

The hand-blended oils are ideal for:

  • Anointing candles
  • Adding to pot pourri
  • Using in oil burners
  • Anointing altars
  • Adding to gris-gris or mojo bags
  • Adding to poppets
  • Putting a drop or two into the laundry (only a small amount or oils will stain)
  • Adding to incense
  • Putting a few drops on a handkerchief to carry with you during the day

The sense of smell is very powerful. If you can carry an item with you, such as a purse or handkerchief, that has a few drops of oil added then it will activate your senses and help you to focus on what the hand-blended oil is intended.

We cannot stress enough that the oils we make are not mass produced. We will usually make your oil to order as we think a personal service is always the best service. The ingredients we use are from our own witchy cupboard and are the same ingredients we personally use.

Although we use natural ingredients in our hand-blended magick oils, they are not intended o be used for massage oils, bath oils, perfumes or on the skin. We have to stress this point because the EU has very stringent laws on products intended as toiletries, skin care or cosmetics etc.  We accept no liability on how you choose to use or misuse these oils as they are sold with the intention of being used for spiritual purposes only.