I love working magick because there are and aren’t any rules at the same time. The only truisms that apply are the ones that you hold to be so.

Of course, you must ally with the spirits of your environment if you’re to bring anything into manifestation. However, the multiverse is filled with entities of all flavours so finding co-workers isn’t a difficult task, providing you offer gift for gift. Just make sure you develop a relationship first. Only a fool would set out to transform reality with a stranger.

Ceremony is good, especially when you work with others because it assures you’re all on the same page and binds your intent and power together.

In addition, working in a group allows others to participate and share in a joint project whilst working with the same spirits. It also comforts your tribal nature and keeps you motivated in doing what must be done to bring that creation into physical existence.

That being said, as solitary practitioner, you can pack as much power and manifest equally great things as a group. This is because of the spirit allies I mentioned above. No magick practitioner ever works completely alone. Take the spirits out of the equation and magick is a meaningless word.

It’s also important for you to count the costs of what you choose to bring in to existence. Nothing is free. There are always consequences. Everything can be lost or gained in the cast of a spell.

As intoxicating and sexy as she is, magick must not be taken lightly.