In my last post I encouraged women to rise up against foolish patriarchal pap and make use of their sacred menstrual blood. I was planning to write a similar rebel yell to all magick practitioners for blood magick in general. However, after viewing a wealth of dangerous misinformation on the web, I cannot.

As much as I blame the patriarchal society for shaming women, I blame Hollywood for muddying the waters of using blood work in magick. By presenting blood magick as something horrific, it terrified mundane people and put magical practitioners in a defensive position. Whilst those who were afraid damned the act, those that understood tried desperately to demystify it for the general public.

Unfortunately, many of those attempting to explain blood magick either expressed themselves so loftily that few understood or so loosely that the truth was watered down and all manner of foolish teachings rose up.

Blood magick is one of the most powerful types of magick because it binds both flesh and spirit for eternity. It should be used seldom and only with great thought and wisdom.

Depending on your intention you can use the blood of animals, others or your own. Contrary to some of the dribble out there, your donors need not consent. In fact, for tricks and hexes they shouldn’t even know you have their blood in your possession. Obviously, this would be an impossibility if I was suggesting any more than a couple of drops of blood. No hack and slash or bloodletting here.

Although other bodily fluids may be used in place of blood, none of them have the resiliency or bonding power. Simply put, there are no substitutes when it comes to permanency or effectiveness.

Reversing blood magick is virtually impossible. Once put into effect, only a very experienced and gifted worker has a chance. This is why you should only use blood magick on something you intend to last forever.

Using it to get or enhance a relationship is risky at best. What you want now you may not in the future. People and circumstances change over the years. Imagine the damage that two incompatible souls bound together can do to each other throughout eternity.

Aside from your own, be very careful of drinking the blood of others. It may give you power over them, as many have used the practice for. Alternatively, it could give them power over you. Are you willing to play Russian roulette when you know the results are potentially eternal?

When using as a libation, really know and be having a beneficial relationship that you want to continue with the spirit you’ve chosen to make an offering to. After all, you are binding your flesh and soul forever to it.

Blood magick can powerfully link you to those things that mean the most to you. That’s why you need to know exactly what those things are before you invoke it.