When it comes to casting powerful spells, there is no ingredient more potent than menstrual blood. Through the years, to play down its sacredness and power, patriarchal societies used various smear campaigns. They declared women’s menstrual cycles as unclean and insisted that they isolate themselves during their periods.

The trauma and misinformation from these dehumanising movements still negatively impact the world today. Rather than sacred, many women view their moon time as inconvenient, unknowingly wasting their sacred blood by not using it in life enhancing magick.

I’m writing this article to encourage women to embrace their divinity, rail against the predominately sexist teachings and use their sacred menstrual blood to create positive changes.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a person liberated from patriarchal foolishness and have been working magick with menstrual blood for a long time, never use it to connect with any energy that you don’t want to be bound to. I can’t put enough emphasis on this. Many people have found themselves in painful and dangerous circumstances by failing to adhere to this essential principle.

With that being said, here’s three things that you can do with menstrual blood.

Bind a man

A small amount of menstrual blood added to a man’s food or drink will cause him to obsess with getting together with you. His thoughts will range from romantic to lusty.

However, before you rush to put this technique into practice, here are a few things you would be wise to consider.

  • Once the man has ingested your blood, he’s likely to become more docile.
  • If you’ve given him your blood (dominated him) without his knowledge, there will be negative consequences should he ever find out. He will no longer be obsessed with you and he can, if he chooses, use the blood bond to dominate you and stop you from moving on with another.
  • It will be extremely difficult to make him go away should you later decide that he’s not the one you want to spend your life with.

If you’re positive you want to spend your life with a certain man, tell him what you want to do and why. If he agrees, you can form a mutual blood pact. Even so, leave no loopholes. Before feeding him your sacred blood, make him take an oath to his detriment should he attempt to use your bind against you for any reason. Be willing to do the same.

Present as a gift

If you’re a person that works with spirits, you’ll find that most of them will relish your menstrual blood as an offering. In giving them such a personal gift, you’re signifying that you support them all the way and that you have a great respect for their actions.


Collect some of your menstrual blood in a container without a lid. Once it has dried make it into a powder and put it into a vial.

When you need insight, empty the vial into a teacup on a full moon night and ask assistance from an entity of your choice. Then use your intuition to read the patterns formed in the cup.

The ways you can use your menstrual blood is limited only by your imagination. I chose to share these three uses because of their diversity.

Experiment, tune into the sacred and use your menstrual blood creatively to alter reality into what you choose it to be for you.