Witch Bottle Charm – 2018 All Year Good Fortune


This small witch bottle charm is filled with four ingredients, which I selected to bring the wearer good fortune in 2014. Picked for the elements and their lucky properties, these botanicals combined help to make 2014 a lucky year, all year long!

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Up your ante for having a fortuitous 2018 by carrying or wearing a ‘2018 All Year Good Fortune’ witch bottle charm.

I’ve chosen four magical ingredients for this witch bottle charm to help bring good fortune and a touch of protection. Each herb, flower and resin is associated with an element so all months, days and hours are covered.

In this little good luck witch bottle charm, I’ve added:

Heather – this flower is associated with the water element. ‘Lucky’ heather is a favoured flower of gypsies to bring good fortune to those who carry it.

Frankincense – this resin is associated with the fire element. A staple in many religious ceremonies, Frankincense has long been associated with luck and success.

Elder – this flower is associated with the air element. These lucky little flowers are said to be a deterrent from being hit by lightening – metaphorical or otherwise.

Sage – this herb is associated with the earth element. A helping of sage can bring wisdom, longevity and to grant wishes.

It’s quite fiddly filling these bottles so each witch’s bottle is made with my complete focus and attention.  The bottles are not mass produced (I fill them with the help of tweezers!), and you’ll find each one is unique, as you would expect when using botanicals made by mother nature.

The ingredients have come from my witchy cupboard, and although not grown by me, I love them as if I grew them myself. They are the same herbs I use for my own spells, charms, amulets and powders. I wouldn’t give you anything I wouldn’t personally use.Each glass bottle is approximately 2cm/1inch tall and has a metal cap. I have glued the cap in place so please do not try to twist it or pull it off – it will probably break the bottle and I’d hate to see you with broken glass in your hands.


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