Witch Bottle Charm – Angel Sparkles – Angelic Assistance & Presence


Little witch bottle charms filled with sparkles to help attract the presence and assistance of angels.

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I wanted to call this little witch bottle charm ‘Angel Dust‘ but my husband cleverly pointed out that it might be misconstrued  as something illegal!  So here is my Angel Sparkles charm – it’s a small witch bottle charm filled with pretty white sparkles that have a hint of gold and green. I’m sure angels just can’t help to be attracted to the wearers of such pretty charms and offer angelic assistance when called.

These witch bottle charms are the perfect size to add to charm bracelets, and if you like your pendants neat and tidy then it would be ideal too.  I also make these witch bottle charms as earrings – what better way to wear your witch bottle charms?

I have personally filled these little witch bottle charms with angelic-style glitter.

Each glass bottle is approximately 2cm/1inch tall and has a metal cap. I have glued the cap in place so please do not try to twist it or pull it off – it will probably break the bottle and I’d hate to see you with broken glass in your hands.

Not suitable for children – these bottles are not toys.


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