Dark Moon Oil – Banishing, Introspection & Dark Goddess


Hand-blended oil that captures the essence of the Dark of the Moon. Use it when you need to explore or accept the darker aspects of your personality, to help find solutions, to banish negativity or just to honour the moon when she is dark.

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The dark of the moon is when there is no moon visible in the sky, usually between 11 and 14 days after the full moon. This Dark Moon oil is a powerful blend of oils and herbs that can help you harness the dark moon energy.

The dark moon is a time of soul searching, embracing darkness, the mysteries and for spell work to banish, bind and diminish.

Suggested uses:

  • Rituals at dark of the moon
  • Reversals of any kind
  • When you want to be rid of something (or someone)
  • To explore and accept the darker aspects of your nature, personality and life
  • Binding, banishing and hexing spells
  • Help bring about justice
  • To uncover hidden truths
  • Celebrate menstruation or help the transition from mother to crone

Dark Moon oil is a hand blended oil which includes the following ingredients: almond oil, jasmine, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood and a couple of drops of vitamin E*.

Each bottle is 10ml.

You can read more about my oils and the suggested uses here.

* Vitamin E oil includes soya bean oil, vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate), corn oil. wheat germ oil, sesame seed. This is a 100 per cent natural oil and it is added to the oil blend to extend the life of the oil.

Please note:  This oil is not intended to be used on the skin or as a beauty product. It is offer for sale for spiritual purposes only and I accept no liability to the use or misuse of this product.


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