Sensuality Oil


Combined with your intention, sensuality oil brings enhances and magnifies your self confidence, beauty and sensuality.

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Inspired by the Greek goddess, Aphrodite, this oil will enhance and magnify your confidence, beauty and sensuality

From the time Aphrodite rose from the depths of the sea, no man (mortal or otherwise) could keep his eyes off her.  Her confidence, beauty and sensuality were beyond compare. Until now.

Suggested uses:

  • Anoint a candle for  a ritual to enhance your confidence and feminine qualities.
  • Apply a couple of drips to your hand bag to feel and appear more confident.
  • Drip a couple of drops on each of your going out shoes to be noticed by men.
  • Dab on the corner of a love letter to make your beloved yearn for you.
  • Apply to your mobile before talking to a man you’re interested in.

Each bottle is 10ml.



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