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Hecate Ritual Oil – Goddess and Queen of the Witches


Hand-blended oil dedicated to the goddess Hecate, Queen of the Night and goddess of witches. Use to feel a connection with this matron goddess of witches and women, gain wisdom, receive justice, find healing or feel her protection.

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Goddess HecateHecate, or Hekate, is the Greek goddess of magic, the crossroads and witchcraft. Many witches are drawn to Hecate and this hand blended, witch-made oil is dedicated to her. Although she is often thought of as a triple goddess, she is mainly known in her crone form.

Hecate oil is ideal to use when you want to feel close to this powerful goddess or want to gain wisdom from her. It can also be used in any spell or ritual where you call upon her to assist you in your efforts.

This magic oil can also be used when you feel as if you’re at a crossroads and need guidance or when you want to feel her protection. She is especially protective of women, children and witches.

Suggested uses:

  • When you need to make a decision
  • When justice isn’t being served
  • When you want guidance from Hecate
  • To protect, or be protected from, dogs
  • To communicate with the deceased
  • For healing
  • To receive guidance when working with herbs
  • During the waning moon

You might want to combine Hecate oil with Dark Moon Oil.

Hecate oil is a hand blended oil which includes the following ingredients: almond oil, myrrh, cypress, patchouli, mint and a couple of drops of vitamin E*.

Each bottle is 10ml.

You can read more about my oils and the suggested uses here.

* Vitamin E oil includes soya bean oil, vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate), corn oil. wheat germ oil, sesame seed. This is a 100 per cent natural oil and it is added to the oil blend to extend the life of the oil.

Please note:  This oil is not intended to be used on the skin or as a beauty product. It is offer for sale for spiritual purposes only and I accept no liability to the use or misuse of this product.


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