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Ixchel Oil – Growth & Creativity


Mayan goddess Ixchel can help you

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Ixchel, Lady Rainbow, is a Mayan goddess that pours her fertile waters over the land to make things grow.  She’s often accompanied with a hare, another sign of fertility and abundance.

Use your Ixchel Oil when you want to ‘grow’ things in your life. Perhaps you want to manifest more money, more love, more friends…. you get the idea.  Her energy as Lady Rainbow is abundant and creative.

Suggested uses:

  • Use in rituals where you want to attract more abundance.
  • Anoint the oil on a candle to Ixchel when you want to invite more inspiration and success into your creative projects.
  • Add a few drops to your laundry washing detergent to

Each bottle is 10ml.

You can read more about my oils and the suggested uses here


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