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Red Pixie Oil – Attract Business Success


Red Pixie Business Success oil is an aid for all business matters – from starting up, to keeping clients and to expanding. It’s an all purpose business oil to help attract business success.

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Everyone can use a little help in business, especially if you work for yourself. The Red Pixie Business Success oil is a general purpose business oil to attract success, but it could equally be used to attract success in paid employment.

As well as using the oil in rituals, you can also anoint business documents you’re sending out such as business plans, grant or loan applications, proposals, mail shots and any document where you want the receiver to look favourably on you.

Never limited yourself to a time frame to attract success but you can use at the time of the Full Moon or on Sundays during the waxing moon for an extra lunar boost to your endeavours.

Suggested uses:

  • When starting a new business venture.
  • To bring more business into an existing business.
  • To feel more business confidence.
  • Attract greater profits.
  • Be a magnet for more business opportunities.

Red Pixie Business Success oil is a hand blended oil that includes all natural ingredients.

Each bottle is 10ml.

You can read more about my oils and the suggested uses here.

Please note:  This oil is not intended to be used on the skin or as a beauty product. It is offer for sale for spiritual purposes only and I accept no liability to the use or misuse of this product.


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