Fiery Wall of Protection Oil


Combined with your intention, fiery wall of protection oil calls upon Michael the archangel to protect you with his fiery sword and bring about healing.


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According to biblical and hoodoo tradition, Michael is the archangel who eventually defeats Satan in the war in heaven. He’s big, powerful, mighty, and is the protector of us mere mortals.  He defends with his fiery sword and is considered the patron saint of warriors. Michael is also a great healer and can be petitioned to help heal the sick.

Suggested uses:

  • Petition the assistance of Saint Michael, the archangel and protector of humankind, when you feel under attack and need strength and protection
  • Dab on a picture of yourself to receive healing.
  • Put a few drops on an item you carry with you to find courage and become more warrior-like.
  • Add to floor washes to protect your home.
  • Put a couple of drops into the washing machine to charm clothes with protective properties.

Each bottle is 10ml.




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