Blessing/Cursing Oil


Combined with your intention, blessing/cursing oil can be used to uplift your target or bring them ruin.

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Inspired by the Hoodoo saint, Saint Bridget, this oil can be used to either curse or bless your target.

Although Saint Bridget is best known for her healing miracles, she wasn’t shy about cursing those she felt deserved it.  One example is when she cursed three nuns for chastising her about freely sharing the apples they’d given her with lepers.  Because the nuns would’ve withheld the fruit from the lepers, Saint Bridget made them barren.

Suggested uses

  • Anoint a candle to use in a blessing or hexing ritual.
  • Apply a couple of drops to the underside of  a sick person’s bed to aid in their healing or to make their condition more painful
  • Place a couple of drips where an enemy will step to pass on a curse.
  • Drip on a picture of a loved one to bring about distant healing.
  • Drip on a picture of an enemy to send a curse
  • Carefully anoint a gift to send a blessing or curse into another’s home.

Each bottle is 10ml.



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