Destruction of Malicious Spirits Oil


Combined with your intention, destruction of malicious spirit oil destroys malicious spirits.

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Inspired by the hoodoo saint, Saint Ignacio De Loyola, this oil destroys negative spirits including ghosts, vampires and minor demons/ devils. It has even been used to destroy spirits that are possessing people and objects.

Suggested uses:

  • Sprinkle anywhere that you are aware of a malicious spirit attempting to harm someone or something special to you.
  • Add a drop on the picture of a possessed person to rid him or her of the┬ácontrolling spirit.
  • Anoint a photo of an unhappy person to rid him or her of negativity
  • Sprinkle anywhere you wish to keep negative and malicious spirits away.
  • Add to floor washes to keep your home negative spirit free.

Each bottle is 10ml.



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