Saint Lazarus Oil- Healing or Inflicting Infectious Diseases


Though a miracle or blight cannot be absolutely guaranteed, Saint Lazarus oil has been known to both cure and inflict ailments of all kinds, from simple to complex.

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Claimed to be one of the most potent oils available, Saint Lazarus oil when combined with powerful intentions, is said to be able to to heal or inflict infectious diseases.

Suggested Uses:

  • Anoint the picture of a person or animal you wish to heal or harm.
  • Anoint candles for healing or hexing rituals.
  • Dab a small amount in the four corners of a sick or well person’s room, depending on your intent.
  • Anoint the rails of a hospital bed during your visit.
  • Dab on a sick or well person’s front door, depending on your intent.

Each bottle is 10ml.

You can read more about my oils and the suggested uses here.


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