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Saint Martha the Dominator Oil – Command, Compel & Overcome


Saint Martha the Dominator oil calls upon the power of Saint Martha to help keep a happy home, bring back errant lovers and overcome difficult situations.

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Saint Martha, the matron saint of home makers, cooks, domestic helpers and inn keepers, has an alter-ego: Saint Martha the Dominator.  When Saint Martha is called in dominator mode, she will help the petitioner to achieve their desires, regardless of the  costs (so be aware you might get what you want but there could be a lot of damage in the wake). She is often petitioned by women to gain the man they desire. You might like to read Saint Martha vs. The Dominator for more information.

Saint Martha the Dominator is a multifaceted saint. She can be petitioned to overcome obstacles, to keep a happy home, to help free women from abusers or violent relationships, or to bring lovers together regardless of the circumstances. She has a long standing relationship with witches, so she makes a good companion in any eclectic witch’s pantheon.

Saint Martha favours women (but will work with men), her colour is green and her day is Tuesday.

Suggested uses:

  • When you need spiritual assistance to overcome obstacles, especially if they seem insurmountable.
  • Maintain a happy and abundant home.  One way to achieve this is to add a couple of drops of the oil to your floor washes.
  • In love spells, to lure your desired partner to you.
  • To help stop abuse (this is an aid – not an answer to professional help).
  • To put others under your control (use with caution).

Saint Martha the Dominator oil is a hand blended oil which includes the following ingredients: olive oil, calamus, licorice, myrrh, tarragon and a couple of drops of vitamin E*.

Each bottle is 10ml.

You can read more about my oils and the suggested uses here.

* Vitamin E oil includes soya bean oil, vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate), corn oil. wheat germ oil, sesame seed. This is a 100 per cent natural oil and it is added to the oil blend to extend the life of the oil.

Please note:  This oil is not intended to be used on the skin or as a beauty product. It is offer for sale for spiritual purposes only and I accept no liability to the use or misuse of this product.


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