Saint Alex Powder – Eliminates Obstacles


This home protection powder can combine with your intent to make your house or apartment peaceful and safe.

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Along with your intention, the use of Saint Alex powder causes undesired people or events to vacate your life.  It does this gently so it may even be used on people you love who may have overstayed their welcome.  Once the powder takes effect, they will simply remember there is somewhere more important for them to be at that time.  According to tradition, you must never sprinkle this powder in your home as if you do, Saint Alex will take away everything inside.

Suggested uses:

  • Sprinkle this powder where an unwanted person is liable to walk.
  • Sprinkle this powder near a symbolic place to eliminate an obstacle.
  • Sprinkle this powder on the car or luggage of a person you want to leave.
  • Sprinkle in the four corners of your property (outside boundaries only – never inside) to keep enemies away.

Never sprinkle in your home.

This powder is presented in a small glass bottle with a cork top, and it holds approximately 3g of powder. You only need a pinch as it’s a case of quality not quantity.


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