Saint Edugivis Powder- Wealth and Freedom for the Oppressed


Saint Edugivis powder combined with your intention can set innocent prisoners free and help the poor to obtain food and money.

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If you know someone who is down on her luck or has been wrongfully incarcerated and you wish to to help her reverse her unfortunate circumstances, Saint Edugivis powder is what you seek.

Saint Edugivis powder combined with your intentions can obtain freedom for innocent prisoners as well as open doors for the poor to receive money and food.

Suggested uses:

  • Sprinkle in a prison when you go to visit.
  • Sprinkle in your wallet, purse or pockets to draw extra money (this money must then be given to one of the poor or you will find that it will disappear).
  • Sprinkle on charcoal and burn in a ritual to help the poor
  • Sprinkle in a poor friend or relative’s home.

This powder is presented in a small glass bottle with a cork top, and it holds approximately 3g of powder. You only need a pinch as it’s a case of quality not quantity.


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