Hand Blended Magick Powders


We offer powder versions of our 19 most popular oils. If none of them meet your specific needs, please read the description below to see how we can help.

To order a powder, please see the instructions in the description below.

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Because most people are more familiar with using oils than powders, we decided  to group all the information about the powders we sell in one location.


Why use a powder rather than an oil?

Powder is useful when:

  • You wish to activate the effects of the ingredients with fire.
  • You want to blow it on a target to bring about the effects of the powder.
  • You want to work foot track magick.
  • You want to activate the ingredients by sprinkling them on someone’s property.

What powders can I purchase?

We sell powder versions of our 19 most popular oils for the same prices as the oils. In addition, if you can’t find one that does exactly what you want, you can contact us to create a unique powder for your specific need for only £9.99

How much powder do I get in my order?

Our powders are presented in small glass bottles with cork tops, they hold approximately 3g of powder. When using powder, you only need a pinch for each working as it’s a case of quality not quantity.

I notice you’ve put all the powders into one general category. How do I get the specific powder I want?

After you’ve sent in your order for a powder. Send an email to hello@witchshop.co.uk to specify which one.


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