Saint Raymond Powder- Stops Gossip and Slander


If you’re the victim of slander and gossip, use Saint Raymond powder to shut it down.

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Saint Raymond powder combined with your intention can put an end to any gossip or slander that you have become a victim of.

Suggested uses:

  • Burn on a coal as you will the horrible things being said about you to fly into a void.
  • Sprinkle on the picture of someone who is gossiping about or slandering you.
  • Sprinkle in the path of the offending person.
  • Blow in the direction of the offending party.
  • Sprinkle on the offending person’s property.

This powder is presented in a small glass bottle with a cork top, and it holds approximately 3g of powder. You only need a pinch as it’s a case of quality not quantity.


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