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You’ve misplaced or completely lost an item and it’s driving you insane. You’ve searched here, there and everywhere, but it hasn’t turned up. Depending upon how important it is to you, it’s likely that your feeling distressed, frustrated or even depressed. As these feelings coarse through you, they scramble your memory and decrease the odds that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Even when you’ve calmed down, the rifts that your powerful emotions caused are apt to remain. Finding the item will now only be possible if you’re fortunate enough to patch together your fragmented memory or chance steps in.

If you’ve experienced what I’ve just described, and neither fortune nor chance has intervened, I offer you a third alternative. You could engage my services. For over 30 years, I’ve been quite successful in helping clients locate their missing objects.

One of my most memorable cases was when I helped a woman locate and retrieve her partner’s two missing cars. Some local thugs had hot wired, stolen and hidden them in some nearby woods with the aim to sale them to a chop shop once the heat had died down. Acting on the information I shared, my client was able to recover the cars before any serious damage had been done.

Naturally, I cannot guarantee that your item will be found. It depends greatly on two variables: the amount of time the object has been missing and whether it was lost in a public place. These variables determine how clearly you’ll understand and are able to act upon the information I share with you.

My methods might reveal the description of the person that has your item. However, you may not recognise them because you never met the person. Similarly, I might describe the location of the object and it’s a place you’ve never been.

I know it’s a bit of a gamble and that my methods are far from scientific. However, if you’ve lost something that’s dear to you and traditional methods have let you down, I just might be your best chance of getting your treasured item back. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been greatly successful over the years.


Can you guarantee me that you can find my missing item(s)?

No, The methods I use are accurate and will provide details as to where the object is at the time. However, depending on how long the item has been missing and whether you lost it in a public location, the information may not make any sense to you. Your object might have been moved to a place you’re unfamiliar with and/or may be in the possession of someone you don’t know. That being said, I’ve been more successful than not at helping my clients find their missing objects.

Do we need to meet face to face?

No, I have worked with people from around the world via email.

How does this process work? Once you’ve paid for my services, send an email to hello@witchshop.co.uk telling me about the item you would like to have me locate for you. I’ll then take the information you’ve shared and use my methods to discover details about its location. Within 48 hours, I’ll get back to you with what I find.  






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