3 Questions Tarot Reading


This tarot reading gives you insight and answers to three question. Your personal reading will be sent to you via email. Confidentiality and privacy assured.


Tarot ReadingsThe reading allows you to ask me three questions.  I will email your tarot reading to you with the answers and insights I get from your reading. I don’t have a set pattern to lay out the cards and I very rarely use a tarot spread.  I follow my intuition which means I let the spirit guide me to how many cards I deal for you.

I will read the tarot cards for you personally and I’ll tell you exactly how I interpret the cards. Honesty is always the best policy!

When you’ve paid through PayPal, fill out this form and I will read for you within 2 working days. This does mean I usually don’t do any tarot readings at the weekend but if it’s an emergency let me know and I’ll try to accommodate you.  Please make sure you provide a valid email address and if you want to white list me (especially you AOL peeps) my email address is lyn at witchshop dot co dot uk.

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