Custom Poppet Voodoo Doll


Need a voodoo doll or poppet made with a particular intent? Use our confidential voodoo doll custom service to get the right poppet for the job.

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A voodoo doll, or poppet, is a magical doll used in sympathetic magic.

People usually make the wrong assumption that they’re used only in hexes, curses, or other negative pursuits.  That’s not the case! Obviously, you can use anything in a negative way (and yes, that does include voodoo dolls) but you can also use voodoo dolls to bring positive changes in your life.

You could use a voodoo doll to help you:

  • Attract love
  • Bring healing
  • Mend a broken heart
  • Spice up a relationship
  • Manifest money
  • Protect your home
  • Remove negativity
  • Boost business

We offer a custom poppet making service, which is, of course, totally confidential.  Order your voodoo doll and then contact us with your exact requirements.

Let us know the purpose of your voodoo doll and we will make one to suit your needs.

Our handmade voodoo dolls are approximately 7 inches/20cm.  They are made with acrylic felt, polyester filling, and various herbs or botanicals.

Please note:

Voodoo dolls are not toys and should not be given to children.

Your custom voodoo doll will not look like the photo.  It will be created just for you so colours and embellishments will vary.

Please allow for up to 7 days for your order to be created.  Your voodoo doll is handmade and therefore takes time!


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