Happy Poppet Voodoo Doll


This bright yellow voodoo doll just oozes happiness. He is approximately 7-inches/20 cm tall and has happy herbs in his filling.

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This happy voodoo doll can’t help but raise a smile.  He’s brightly coloured and has three happy herbs in his filling (includes catnip so if you own a cat, it will love this poppet).

This voodoo doll would make a lovely gift if you find yourself feeling a little glum and need cheering up or would like to promote happiness in your home or work environment.

If you’re voodoo doll shy, you could always leave him in your wardrobe so his pleasant, happy vibes mingle with your clothes!

Your happy voodoo poppet doll is made to order so will be unique!

Our handmade voodoo dolls are approximately 7 inches/20cm.  They are made with acrylic felt, polyester filling, and various herbs or botanicals.

Please note:

Voodoo dolls are not toys and should not be given to children.

Your custom voodoo doll will differ from the photo.  It will be created just for you so colours and embellishments may vary slightly.

Please allow for up to 7 days for your order to be created.  Your voodoo doll is handmade and therefore takes time!


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