Michael is the most powerful archangel and the second most powerful angel in existence, the first being Metatron. It has been said that heaven would have been overthrown had Lucifer been able to talk Michael into joining him in his rebellion.  Why then is such a powerful force given the title of saint?

The answer is really quite simple.  In the west, most of the saints venerated are human, so the majority of people assume that this is a requirement. To add to the misconception, there are only two angelic saints in the Christian and Jewish traditions (Gabriel, and Michael).  Though every angel could be considered a saint, all save the above two are anonymous in Old Testament.

However, the word saint simply means holy.  It has no other meanings attached to it.   Thus gods, demigods, elementals, angels and even alien races (both the space and inter-dimensional types) can qualify for sainthood.

This understanding presents no problems to most eastern religions or to any pagan for that matter.  In various times Michael was known to be syncretised with:

  • Mercury
  • Veles
  • Wotan
  • Ogan
  • Belie Belcan

First and foremost, Saint Michael is a warrior angel.  If he agrees to support your cause, he will do so with no holds barred.  He is a brilliant tactician who has no problems taking the battle to an enemy (head on or covertly) before the enemy has time to make the first move.  In other words, Saint Michael lives by the old saying, “The best defence is a powerful offence.”