Start off simple

Most people that come to me seeking to remove negative energies or entities from their homes come expecting a supernatural spectacular bonanza with all the trimmings. Exorcisms, portal closings and epic power struggles between the light and dark.

These things are all possible but happen far less frequently than the media and scammers would lead you to believe. Most negativity can be moved on with a simple cleansing.

Of all the items that can be used for cleansing, I’ve found salt to be the most effective. The icing on the cake is that it’s also the least expensive and most readily available option as well.

A simple method of cleansing

Before suggesting anything stronger or a more complex method of cleansing, I always tell my client to put a pinch of salt in the following places:

  • In each of the four corners of every room
  • In front of each door
  • On all windowsills
  • Under all beds
  • For extra pizazz add some salt to your mop water and wash the floors and any surfaces

In addition to cleansing your house, take a bath or shower and scrub yourself with salt. This prevents any negative energy from clinging to you.

Once these things are accomplished, it’s likely that you’ll immediately feel the difference in the energy. If not, it’s time to call in an experienced home cleanser.

Some things to consider

Should this be necessary, I would make the following suggestions:

  • Don’t call in a priest. Though well meaning, it’s been my experience that they’re ineffective or make the situation worse
  • Be extremely careful if you choose to call in a paranormal investigator. Most are effective at validating your experience. However, not all of them are trained to rid your house of the problem. If they’re not, like a priest, they’ll tend to make the problem worse
  • If you don’t have an experienced home cleanser in your area, don’t despair. Your home can be cleansed from a distance

Maintenance and prevention

Once your house is cleansed, keep it that way by cleansing your house with salt on a regular basis. Though there’s no hard and fast rule for this, I suggest every three months if things are going well. However, should anything negative take place in your home, cleanse it and yourself right away before anything negative can take root and cause problems.

If your house is currently filled with positive energy, keep it that way by using salt to cleanse your house and yourself regularly.