Did you know that the glands in your nose and throat produce one to two quarts of mucus every day, and that you continually swallow it throughout the day without even realising it?

Today we’re going to concentrate on how you can use nasal mucus, aka snot, to benefit you in your magickal workings.

In order to use any bodily liquid to its best advantage in magick, you must be familiar with what it does. So, let’s look at three main duties of snot.

  • Keeps your nose linings and sinuses wet
  • Prevents dust and particles from invading your body
  • Fights off infections

With this understanding, I present the following ways you can use snot. Use these ideas as innovation to develop your own recipes.

Use snot to squelch anything fiery

Perhaps you’ve knowingly or unknowingly angered someone, and they’ve chosen to hurl a curse at you. This is a fiery reaction that you can counter with snot in two steps.

The first, is to take a piece of paper and write down the symptoms they’re intending you to suffer from the curse. Drop the paper into a cauldron or ash tray and burn it to ash. Using a small stick or toothpick, make sure the ash is powdered. Then apply enough snot to cover the ashes.

Now that you’ve negated the effects of the curse, it’s time to deal with the person that hexed you in the first place (assuming you know who it is). Of course, there’s many things you could do, everything from binding to counterattacking. In this case, let’s say that you decide to let this person off easy. Write the person’s name on a piece of paper and use the same method above to dampen their anger.

When finished, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands.

Snot can be used to prevent harmful things from entering your body

For this example, imagine that an entity desires to take your body for a spin. As is usually the case, there is not a lot of advanced warning. You only have seconds to act.

Quickly blow some snot into your hand and using the index finger of your opposite hand, apply it to the area between your eyebrows, often known as the third eye. As you do, picture a backwards spiral and strongly state your intent such as, “I refuse entry to my sacred vessel!” If done with strong intent, this will prohibit the entity from entering.

Once you’re finished dealing with the entity, be sure to wash your hands and face.

Snot can be used in healing others

Obviously, physically rubbing your snot on another would appear quite offensive. However, as a distant healing ingredient it is extremely useful.

Imagine a friend or family member has a heart or kidney infection, and they ask you for help.

Go to a local supermarket and find a vegetable that resembles the ailing organ. You cannot choose a wrong vegetable, providing that it in some way reminds you of the organ you desire to heal.

Blow some snot into your hands, rub them together and vigorously cover the vegetable with your nasal mucus. Take the vegetable, put it in a small box and hide it somewhere dark and out of the way such as a closet or drawer. Finally, wash your hands and go on with life.

When you hear that all is well with the person you performed your magickal act for, take the vegetable out of the box and throw it away.

Why it’s vital you wash after using snot

Yes, it is icky and sticky, but there is a much more important reason why you wash after using snot (or any bodily fluid for that matter). Once you’ve used it for its purpose, it is contaminated, and you don’t want it harming you after its just helped you.