If you’ve ever had the indignity of being spat on, you know the humiliation, anger and disgust that goes along with the experience. In most cultures, you would be hard tasked to find a greater insult. When a person spits on you their saying, “You’re such a despicable piece of trash that you’re not worthy of my words or touch.”

Whilst spit can be interpreted in the same manner when used in hexes and curses, it can have different connotations in other magickal conjurations.

Let’s look at some of the ways spit can be used in the craft.

Hexing and cursing

For thousands of years, people have cursed others by verbally expressing their disdain and ill wishes before spitting on them or something that belongs to them.

This can be done in a confrontational or secretive manner. Although cursing your target in public adds humiliation and intimidation to the mix, the downside to hexing someone face to face in today’s world is two-fold. You open yourself to a sound beating from the one you curse, as well as any offended onlookers. In addition, you can be arrested for assault because you have hit someone with your saliva and potentially exposed them to a contagious disease.

The more intelligent route is to procure something that belongs to your target and take it with you to a solitary place. Once there, put the item on the ground. Express your disgust, hate and ill wishes for your target by yelling them out. When you feel void of all negative emotions, tear, rend and stomp on the object before spitting on it. When you’re finished, bury it at a cemetery or crossroads and walk away without looking back.

Marking your territory

By spitting in the four directions in the place you want to claim, you can mark your space, repel unwanted guests and put an alarm system in place that will warn you when your space is compromised. To add an extra layer of protection, sprinkle salt, coffee or instant mashed potatoes around the perimeter of your space.

Giving life to a doll or magickal object

Although everything has its own spirit or energy, sometimes in crafting, you need to combine one or more energies and give the collective an over-all life. One way to do this is to spit on the created object. If the object is a poppet, voodoo doll, mojo bag or charm bag, you would spit directly on the object whilst naming it. On the other hand, if the object is a potion, lotion or anything consumable, you would spit on the container instead.

Expelling negativity

Whether you’re under the influence of a negative thought, attitude or entity, you can expel it by spitting three times and commanding it to leave. Additionally, you can use this same method to shake off the effects, past and present, of a nightmare.

Healing eye ailments

Although I wouldn’t suggest you try this due to hygienic reasons and the potential of passing on a contagious disease, the Roman natural philosopher, Pliny the Elder, wrote that the fasting spittle of a woman was the most beneficial remedy for eye infections. Fasting spittle is spit collected in the morning prior to food or drink being consumed.