For the next seven weeks, I’m going to be covering the use of bodily fluids in magick workings. I’ll explain how to use tears, snot, spit, blood, menstrual blood, sperm/ vaginal juice and urine to bring about powerful results.

Before I begin going over the seven fluids and some of their potential uses, I would be remiss not to point out that the use of bodily fluids should not be taken lightly. When you use something that comes out of your or someone else’s body, you’re working with some of the most potent ingredients on the planet.

Such chutzpah is to be encouraged, but only if you’re certain about what you want. Once bodily fluids are included in your magick recipe, what you manifest will be nearly impossible to reverse. Consequences can be severe if you’ve failed to think everything through.

In addition, divination should be employed to ensure that you haven’t missed anything important. Miss the slightest detail and you could end up in a deplorable situation. Although the same could be said for most magickal workings, it has been my experience that it is even more so when bodily fluids are involved.

If you’re using someone else’s bodily fluids as ingredients, you’ll have to get inventive on how you obtain them. Unless you want to collect from someone that loves you and trusts you 100%, it’s highly unlikely they’ll just hand their bodily fluids over at your polite request.

Although you may have to do some ethically questionable things to get your samples, attempt to do it without breaking any of the laws of your land. Or, if you’re not careful, the first consequence of your magickal enterprise will be a stiff fine or a stint in prison.

Consider these things over the next week, then join me next Monday to learn what you can do with tears.