Whether you’re using your own or that of others, urine can be used in a variety of ways in magick. Before I delve into some of the more common works, we need to discuss potency. In terms of power, a woman’s urine is stronger than that of a man’s. However, if you want to use the most powerful urine, obtain some from a female twin or the mother of a female twin.


An experienced conjurer or root worker can boil a small amount of your urine and tell you if you’ve been hexed, how, and by whom before putting together a remedy to uncross you.

Gambling luck

If you’re a heterosexual male gambler and you need extra luck, have your girlfriend or wife urinate on a specially made mojo hand and wear it in your right trouser pocket when you’re gambling. The fresher the urine the better, so have it done as close to gambling time as possible. Ideally, you would have your girlfriend or spouse accompany you to the event and just before it starts, make use of a local bathroom or alleyway to prepare your mojo hand. If you happen to be a homosexual male gambler, have a female friend prepare your mojo hand. Due to the potency of a woman’s urine, it would be in the best interest of female gamblers to prepare their own.


One of the easiest ways to remove a trick or curse is to obtain at least 1/4 a cup of urine from the one that worked against you, boil it and throw it into a fire. This act will both free you and return the curse to sender.
In addition to breaking curses, urine is said to heal male impotency. According to an ancient tradition, an impotent man need only pee on the edge of a knife whilst stating his intent to rid himself of his affliction.


One of the nastiest ways of cursing someone is to get some of their urine, boil it, put it in a jar, and bury it at a crossroads. This will cause your target’s kidneys to inflame, making it difficult for them to urinate or defecate. Should you choose to use this extreme measure, be sure it’s justified or you might find yourself the victim of a painful lash back. This type of work is for punishing the worst of the worst.


You can use nine drops of your urine as an ingredient in a floor wash or one cup in a witch bottle to protect your home or business from negative people and situations. Use the floor wash to cleanse your doorstep and bury the bottle as near your front door as possible (this can be in a potted plant of no land is available).

Love spells

Finally, you can put nine drops of your urine in someone’s drink if you wish them to constantly think loving thoughts of you (that is if you don’t get caught). Should your target realise what you’ve done, expect disgust, anger and quite possibly a loss of contact. I don’t know too many people that will get excited about drinking another’s piss. In my opinion, there are more appropriate body fluids to use when creating something for consumption.