Saint Martha is a powerful and popular spirit with many aspects.

The Saint Martha mentioned in the Bible served food to Jesus, and berated Mary, her sister, for not helping her with the hospitality.  This aspect of Saint Martha rules over domestic service, hospitality, cooks, inn keepers and home makers.

It’s said that Saint Martha travelled to France where she found a village in need of her help.  The town was being terrorised by a dragon, so she found the beast and tamed it with song and holy water.  Martha used her girdle as a leash and led the dragon into the village but the townsfolk decided to attack and kill the animal.  This Martha, Saint Martha the Dominator, is petitioned for work involving domination, bringing back ex-lovers, fleeing from abusive relationships, help in entrepreneurial pursuits, and getting revenge on terrible bosses.

Saint Martha the Dominator prefers to work with women, her day is Tuesday and her colour is green.

She has been associated with the powerful Hoodoo water deities of the African traditions, such as Oshun and Yemanja.

The most popular way of asking for Saint Martha the Dominator’s help is by burning a candle anointed with Saint Martha the dominator oil and reciting a novena or prayer to Saint Martha.  The common prayer used is given below but you should tweak it to make it personal (I have an example on my blog).  Recite it for nine consecutive Tuesdays or nine consecutive days.

Prayer to Saint Martha

Saint Martha,
I resort to thy aid and protection.
As proof of my affection and faith,
I offer thee this light,
which I shall burn every Tuesday.

Comfort me in all my difficulties
and through the great favors thou didst enjoy
when the Savior was lodged in thy house,
intercede for my family,
that we be provided for in our neccessities.
I ask of thee, Saint Martha,
to overcome all difficulties
as thou didst overcome the dragon
which thou hadst at thy feet.
In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.